Monday, 24 June 2013

A shitty introduction by a confused individual.

Well hello there!

So this is my blog. MY blog with all things about ME. I feel a little narcissistic now. I've also just spent 3 minutes staring at the word "narcissistic" and wondering whether I've spelled it correctly. Yes I've heard of spell-check before.

So, how does one start one of these things? I guess you're supposed to say what you're blog will be about. I'm not really sure what my blog will be about.

I like street fashion a lot and have what can be described as an unhealthy obsession with Japan..It might have some photos of me in it, some pretty clothes that I own, some cool shoes etc. I might put pictures of friends on here if they let me. I will probably write about feminism and LGBT rights as well as re-post/link to stuff that other people have written (probably a lot better than I) about the above topics. I'm quite partial to certain kinds of art and have a fondness for the V&A. I love music rather a lot so there might be some of that in there. I particularly like punk music and enjoy going to gigs where I inevitably get covered in someone else's beer. I usually drink mine, sometimes I miss my mouth though.

So well here goes......

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