Tuesday, 25 June 2013

On discovering that I am in fact a narcissist.

I'm not sure when it finally hit me, that I am in fact a narcissist. Maybe it was when I gave in and started a blog, a blog which is essentially about me. Or when I realised that I have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter also all dedicated to me and my interests. My Instagram is of course filled with pictures of MY shoes, MY cat, the food I eat and MY pouty face. I mean if I'm going to do it I should at least do it right, right?! Perhaps it was something that should have hit me while spending endless hours with a therapist talking about me and my problems? Did I ever ask him about his problems? No, I'm so rude!! Or it could have been the fact that I just spent about an hour pondering whether or not I'm actually self-obsessed. Spoiler alert! I think I might be. Shit!

In this day and age of social networking have we all just come to accept our self-obsession? Are we more obsessed with others? Are others more obsessed with us? Are we in fact all burgeoning narcissists? Do I still have a pot of chilli in the freezer? Wait...what??

Perhaps some of us have always been this way and the Internet just finally gave us a way to let it out? Some people even you know like it, Facebook like it even. Some people have become immensely famous because of just who they are not just what they've done. It's an excellent platform for modern day feminism and LGBTQ campaigns, it's also an excellent platform for people to spew hatred and bile all over well pretty much anything they can find to do it on. Just please don't spew any bile my way, my shoes are far too pretty!

Now, where DID I leave that chilli?

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