Thursday, 11 July 2013

On loving my surname and wanting to never give it up.

Let me drop my first bombshell, I don't want to get married, ever. I know I know I might change my mind, meet that special someone blah blah blah. I was with someone very special for nearly five years and although I mulled over the option at the end of the day I just didn't want to. That didn't make my love for this person any less serious or important to me I just have never felt that way inclined.

Second bombshell, I don't want to change my surname if I do ever meet that special someone. This seems to surprise people mostly in the sense of "but what name will your child have"? Firstly, not sure if I will ever have a child even though I wouldn't mind. Secondly my parents didn't change their names so I have two (sadly though I am not posh, I feel cheated). Thirdly both of those surnames carry huge weight for me and I want to pass them on. Both of my names are rare and I am the only person in the world (I think) to have this particular mix of surnames.

When my step sister married her first husband he changed his name to hers. Why did he do this? Because her name was more interesting than his. There are many people out there with interesting names and I'm not saying mine is better of course. But I have attached so much of my identity to mine, especially my Jewish one. I am not religious, far from it, really very incredibly far from it (complete opposite end of the spectrum). However I do identify as culturally Jewish (mostly for the food, oh my god the food).

I was also teased at length for my surname. Frankel = Frankenstein apparently. This might also have been because I was a bit of an outsider at school. All the outsiders grow up to be the coolest people, don't you know??? Then they go on to start a blog where they mostly talk about themselves.

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