Monday, 29 July 2013

On why I'm uncomfortable with the online porn ban.

No it's not just because I like porn and there's a small version of myself quietly panicking in my head. Are you saying I'm going to have to brave walking into a shop and buying a magazine while the person behind the counter giggles almost as furiously as I am? What about if I want something I'm not comfortable with people knowing that I want? Some of my fantasies are my secrets, dirty secrets.

I have a huge amount of problem with censorship. Even censoring things that I don't like very much like rape jokes etc. I don't want to police people, I just want them to think about what they're saying. Because rape jokes can be funny, if they're not aimed at the victim. Unfortunately most of them are aimed at the victim which ergo means they are not funny (to me). I also have nothing against smut in advertising or any form of titillation. I have a problem when it crosses over into depicting violence against women or when it's only women being smuttified as I would like my smut equal and inter-sectional please!!! I do however get a little bored with so many adverts being sexual. The Herbal Essences one was quite funny at first but now I'm like "orgasm while washing hair, really?!?!". Also, why are you making adverts about yoghurt sexual? I don't want a sexual yoghurt, because, well, that sounds like a disease.

The Internet is a place full of horrible people and of nice people, much like the world in general. Criminalising people for making bad jokes is never going to be ok. Banning porn (or asking people to opt-in) isn't going to deal with the problems in the porn industry. It's also not going to shield children's eyes from porn (they'll find that magazine in their parents’ drawer, or that secret video they have stashed away). It's ok for children to see extreme violence but sex is just too horrible for their sweet innocent eyes? I am aware that some porn is very extreme but banning it doesn't make it go away, nor does it make people not have certain fantasies. Cameron also forgets that you can already filter what your children can access on the Internet. Until of course they take a crash course in hacking and manage to get around those filters. People will always want what they can't have. 


Because the war on drugs has just worked so well....right?

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