Friday, 23 August 2013

On being the new Batman!

Ok, I lied. I'm not the new Batman. Totally wish I was though.

I kind of wish I was Batman because he probably doesn't suffer any street/sexual harassment. I do (most if not all women do) every single fucking day. Nope you did not read that wrong. Every day! Every single fucking day that I leave my house some guy or guys say something or looks me up and down. I have also on more than one occasion had strangers (always men) touch me. I could make a long list of what has been said to me but honestly I just don't have the time or the energy. I never know how to react, if I'm with friends I might say something but if I'm alone I wouldn't dare. I see myself as a strong woman but I'm just too scared. What if they hurt me? What if they verbally abuse me more?

How do we tackle this? How do we change a society that lets this happen? I don't know but I can't well go around wishing I was Batman all the time.

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