Thursday, 5 September 2013

On the joy of a good selfie!

I was inspired to write this piece after reading another saying various bullshit reasons for why selfies are bad for feminism. There are many things I could think of as being bad for feminism, TERF's, MRA's, rape culture, lack of intersectionality, racism etc. These things are bad, what you do with you body hair or whether you take sexy photos of yourself isn't my top priority.

I struggled to read it all as it was a bit blah blah blah but in essence women are taught from a young age that their looks are probably their most important asset. Being a pretty girl is basically the be all and end all. Now I don't disagree with this, however what I prefer to question is our very narrow minded idea of what beauty is. If you go by western standards it's white, thin, long hair etc. whereas I believe beauty not only lies in the beholder but is so much more than what our media tells us. I rarely meet people I don't find beautiful whatever gender they are or identify as. Some people I find more mesmerising that others of course. Be proud of what you look like because you are beautiful (and all of the other things that you also are).

I like taking photos of myself doing silly faces, nice faces, dyeing my hair etc. I like posting them for others to smile or laugh with me. It's nice when someone calls me pretty (although I also enjoy intelligent and funny in equal measure) and it's nice to know when people find me attractive. I don't take my self worth from it but like I said, it's nice.

I also like seeing other peoples selfies. I like looking at people, I like them for who they are and what goes on in their head too. I like it when people are confident in what they look like and if you're not then you should be cause you're beautiful and it's true because I say so. So there!

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