Friday, 20 September 2013

On a round up of links #8

Mark Duggan's brother speak. Gut-wrenching.

This one's a funny about boobs & penises.

Stavvers on feminism & controlling other women

A Muslim woman's voice on Niqab

British born muslims. A poll.

A statement of trans inclusive feminism!

Funny piece on Whole Foods (TW caustic humour) There are jokes using homelessness and anorexia as a pun. However I feel it's attacking Whole Foods and the bizarre and possibly dangerous world they've created. None the less they are both still in bad taste & could be upsetting.

This one made me cry at my desk.

Qahera comic!

"What queerness means to me"

Little bambi eyes

Voice from a Masai woman on Mindy Bugdors

Lebohand Nova Masango - To do list for Africa

Totally Biased - The God debate.

Sexy Swedish fishermen singing!

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