Wednesday, 30 October 2013

On Dreams.

Dreams are a funny thing aren't they? They sort of take on a life of their own and transport you somewhere else somewhere better perhaps. Or perhaps just somewhere different. I realised one of my dreams in 2012 when I travelled around Japan for 7 weeks. The only problem is that now I dream of it again, even more strongly. I wish to travel around more of the world and stay for an even longer time in Japan and South Korea. I dream of shopping (yes I'm slightly vapid ok), walking around and eating lots of delicious food. So essentially what I enjoy doing here in England just somewhere else, somewhere better. It's a dream contingent on money, though of course I can work a little as I travel. It's a dream contingent on a lot of money. It's also a dream as many things are contingent on luck. I'm lucky to have a job where I can save for this dream. I'm lucky to live in a society where I am allowed to travel. It will be luck that gives me work throughout my travel (perhaps someone is interested in a somewhat vapid travel blog?) and it will be luck that gives me work when I get back. If I come back. It will be luck that determines if my partner gets a job that enables him to save and come with me. I'm not sure I wish to go without him.

I dream of buying a beautiful old warehouse and making it into a stable home. I dream of a stable home. I dream of never having to move ever again. I dream of making it spacious and light and one day hearing children laughing. I dream of children with my current partner. Don't worry he knows this, he's not about to have a heart attack regarding this revelation. I dream of him rubbing my growing belly and giving our child the childhood I never had. Again, this dream is contingent on money and on luck. Money to buy the place, money to do it up, money to save for when this inevitably goes a bit tits up. Luck in being given a mortgage, luck in finding a place and luck in it not falling apart. I need money for children, to give our children the childhood I wish to give them. A childhood without poverty, one where I can feed them, clothe them and be there for them. I need luck to have children, luck in having a job where I can pay for their upbringing but also luck in our jobs giving us enough freedom to spend time with our children.

I dream of many other things, but the only job I dream of, is one that can give me the above.

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