Wednesday, 2 October 2013

On hurt feelings. (TW abuse, rape)

It seems I'm gaining a bit of a rep as a mean girl. It's true, I can be.

Let me explain. If you as a man want to be a feminist ally or indeed my friend I am going to be harder on you than I would be on a woman. I know, this is terribly unfair isn't it. You crying yet? Cause you might be come the end of this post.

I have never been abused by a woman, I have never been raped by a woman, I have never been completely 100% afraid of a woman, I have never been properly verbally abused by a woman, I have never had a woman get off the night bus and try to walk me home, I have never been cat-called by a woman, I have been harassed by a woman, I have never stalked by a woman....shit this list is getting long.

I'm not saying women don't do these things of course they do but I do not have direct daily experiences of it therefore I have not learnt to be wary of women.

There are many men in my life who I love and trust but they have earned it, they didn't just get given it. So if you think I should be careful with your fee-fee's when I call you out on your misogynistic bullshit listen to me very closely. I. Don't. Care!

Dear men of the world, I am not here to soothe your hurt feelings. I am not here to play nice with you. I bet you'd call me a bitch, wonder what you'd call me if I was a man?

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