Thursday, 13 February 2014

On a wishlist regarding men's behaviour. (TW harrassment/assault)

Don't ask me out on platforms to designed for this
Don't grab my ass on the train
At the bar
In the toilet queue
On the dance floor
In the street
In the shop
At work
Don't pull me into the toilets
Don't run your hands through my hair
Don't grab my arm
Don't pull me onto your lap
In fact just don't fucking touch me
Don't tell me you just want to talk to me
Don't lick your lips at me
Don't get off the night bus with me
Don't walk me home
Don't bang on my door when I've slammed it in your face
Don't dance with me unless I consent
Don't shout that I have nice tits, arse, legs. etc.
Don't tell me I look like fun, adventurous, quirky, freaky, downright dirty
Don't call me darling
Post mistress
Good girl
Little girl  
Don't tell me "daddy likes a tattoo"
Don't talk to me while I'm trying to get a drink. I'm not at the bar to chat to anyone but the bar staff.
Don't tell me I'm not like other girls. 
Don't tell me I'm like a dude. 
Don't tell me I'm prettier without make up I'll just wear more.

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