Tuesday, 29 April 2014

On whether I hate men or not

Whenever people find out about my politics the first question they tend to as me is "Do you hate men then?" Followed by "Do you think men can be feminists?" "Do men experience sexism?" All of the questions I get asked relate to men. They don't ask me, how I feel we can change things for the better for women. They don't ask me which areas I am most involved in. They don't ask me about my praxis nor about any of my personal experience. They also crucially don't ask me what they can do themselves to get involved. All of their questions relate to centring the narrative on men.

So in essence, I refuse to answer any more questions such as the above. They are not important, they just seek to further the status quo. Start asking me serious, genuine questions & you might find my responses a lot warmer. Start showing me you genuinely care & again you may find me a lot warmer. My personal feelings about men, whatever they may be are none of your business.

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