Thursday, 24 July 2014

A brief on becoming poly.

There have been some changes recently in my life and some people seem to be very confused about what it means to me to be poly.

Being poly or practising ethical non monogamy is different for everyone, there is no one set narrative. I am still finding my way with it myself & so is my primary partner.

So here's my deal, I have a primary partner who is male, yes I am in love with him & I do still fancy him very much. Outside of this I date other people, I primarily (but not exclusively) date people who are not men. And no, my sex life is none of your fucking business. Do not ask me intrusive questions, I will however answer respectful questions that do not seek to dehumanise me.

Some of the following are things I do not do:

I do not fancy everyone.

I do not have sex with everyone.

I will not ask out everyone (in fact I'm quite selective).

No, straight women, I am NOT HITTING ON YOU!

I respect your monogamous relationships so please respect mine not being monogamous.

If you don't want to respect this, you know where the door is.

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