Friday, 28 June 2013

On not-so-funbags.

This is a topic close to my heart because I have something many women want. Some even go under the knife to achieve what I have been "blessed" with naturally. That's right, big boobs. I can hear all the "yeah that's really something to complain about isn't it”? Well here are some fun facts about big breasts.

·         They're heavy, really fucking heavy.

·         I have been measured for bras countless times and the straps still dig into my shoulders.

·         My back hurts.

·         They hurt!

·         I cannot wear off the rack fitted shirts.

·         Buying bras is quite literally the worst thing ever.

·         Pretty bras are not quite so pretty in that size, they are scary.

·         Big booby bras are much more expensive than small booby bras.

·         Wearing a bikini becomes a hazard for everyone around you.

·         Running.  All the pain.

·         Some people do struggle to look you in the eyes.

·         You will inevitably smack yourself or someone else in the face when dancing.

I bought my first bra with my Grandmother when I was 9. Nope, you did not read that wrong, I was in fact 9 years old. I was a C cup by the time I was 12. That's a lot of boob when you're not even a teenager yet. Nobody prepares you for the day that you're body decides that you're no longer a child when you still very much feel like one.

I would say that I have become used to being a large breasted woman. After many fittings I finally wear the right size bra and therefore get the proper support that I need. I find shirts in certain materials fit better than others; I wear a 50's swimming costume at the beach instead of a bikini and have accepted that some people will just find them nicer to look at than my face.

Still, I wish I could see my bloody feet when I look down!

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