Friday, 4 October 2013

On what feminism means to me.

Feminism is quite a dirty word isn't it? Its become so twisted and up it's own arse by mainstream white feminism I can barely see through it all. The fact that feminism isn't widely accepted as something that should be completely inclusive & completely intersectional baffles and infuriates me beyond belief. The fact that a trans* inclusive feminism statement even had to be written makes my heart ache. We sit and moralise how women should and shouldn't be, behave and not behave, wear and not wear rather than focus our attention on ACTUAL change. The crux of feminism for me is a woman's right to choose, ALL WOMEN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE! I want to dismantle a patriarchy that is dangerous to not only women but to many men. This is not something that is only for the privileged few.

Yesterday a new "feminist" publication launched and published a piece in favour of forced sterilisation. Now in what fucking universe is that even humane let alone feminist? Mentally disabled, mentally ill, physically disabled and WOC all over the world shuddered at this because it was and in some places still is a reality. This being a vile practice is not up for discussion! If you think it is, then you know what also isn't up for discussion? The fact that you're an absolute shitnozzle! Now I'm sure they did it as click bait, they want to show the world how edgy they are. Well congratulations you showed the world that you're a fucking dickhead!

I still cling on to the word feminist trying to desperately claw it back from the judgemental, racist, transphobic pile of steaming shit I see around me. So here is a list of what the word means to me:

  • Equality, freedom, liberation for ALL WOMEN.
  • Freedom of sexuality and to have as much or as little as you want. 
  • Trans* women are women so therefore they are included...and in other news water is wet and fire is hot.
  • Dismantling a patriarchy and kyriarchy that is dangerous to women AND men.
  • It is NOT about telling women what to do, wear or how to behave.
  • It is NOT about hating men. 
  • If we do hate certain men, think about why instead of telling us we're alienating.
  • It is about safety for everyone!
  • Dismantling rape culture because it is disgusting and damaging to everyone!
  • It is NOT about excluding certain women based on their CHOSEN profession. This includes Strippers, Glamour models and of course Sex workers. Again in other news water is wet.....
  • It is about understanding that some women have more privilege than others and some women are already more equal.
  • It is also about understanding that some women have a better lot in life that some men.  
  • It is NOT about excluding WOC or saying "we'll come back for you later" again...water is...fucking...wet....
  • It is about listening, learning and changing our behaviour if we're excluding women.
  • It is NOT about excluding physically or mentally disabled/ill I can't even say that shit any more. 
  • It is NOT about letting abusive men into a safe feminist space and it is about taking responsibility if you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, why does this shit even need to be said?!?!?!?! 

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