Thursday, 8 August 2013

On all the anger I have spilling out over the edges. (Possible TW)

I'm angry at all the people who have made me feel bad for calling myself certain things. I'm angry at Richard Dawkins for being such a dickwad that I feel bad about calling myself an atheist. I'm not going to defend why I call myself that just because he's a shit but I blame him for giving it a bad name.

I'm angry at those white feminists who hold us back. Asking us to be quiet and attacking those who question them. I want to question everything and when you don't give a shit about people or exclude them then I'm going to stop listening to you completely. It may be childish but you can't even respond properly to the people asking you to listen to them. You block them on twitter instead, well done.

I'm angry at men who just refuse to listen, angry at the ones calling themselves feminist but not letting me speak. I'm angry at those who berate and try to insult me by saying that "everyone who's attacking me has the same twitter bio hahahaha". Maybe that should be telling you something? All these people identifying as something calling you out on the same thing.

I'm angry at high profile women saying that child abuse victims can be predatory, that's it on that. I can't actually say anything else because I think I might fall apart if I do.

I'm angry at personal life shit. I'm angry at myself, I'm angry at the world because people aren't listening. I'm angry at my own failings as a white cis feminist, I want to be better.

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