Wednesday, 28 August 2013

On privileged celebrities.

Oh wow there is so much going on in the news at the moment. Basically a bunch of famous privileged people behaving like arse hats. This is nothing new of course and people have been vocal about these things for a long time. Maybe I'm more involved or clued up now but I feel like I'm hearing those voices grow louder & stronger.

I was really hoping that people would take this opportunity to listen. I know, I'm naïve. I'm going to give credit where credit is due as I have spoken to many people who do seem to be taking things on board albeit with some disagreement here and there. Unfortunately what I've seen most of though from white people especially is more foot stomping and a refusal to listen. I've seen the usual level of denial mixed with slut-shaming mixed with poor shaming. I've seen the word bored thrown around which is something which made feel deeply uncomfortably. I've said it a couple of times already but I will say it again, only the privileged have the luxury to feel bored regarding important cultural discourse. It is hard to see oppression when you are generally the oppressor. This is something that white people do really need to think about. Did you hear that Miley?

And this brings me to the other arse hat in the news at the moment. A certain rich dude telling poor people they're doing poverty wrong. Also as you were once a spokesperson for Sainsbury's should you be telling people not to shop in supermarkets? I've said it once and I'll say it again, why don't you give some of that money to food-banks instead of telling poor people they shouldn't get a big TV? Also don't hate on cheesy chips you food fascist!!!!

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