Monday, 5 August 2013

On #twittersilence.

Lots of people have been writing about this and have probably done a much better job than I can. However I want to talk about it too, because I'm not very good at being silent. I have no interest in being silent. I used to like Caitlin Moran, I read "How to be a feminist" and thought it was hilarious. Then I started reading her tweets and well, I stopped liking her. Now of course I know that girl hate is a bad thing and I don't hate her, I certainly don't dislike her because she's a girl. I dislike her because she says really horrible things to anyone who disagrees with her, people are allowed to disagree with you Caitlin! She makes really horrible jokes about AIDS and trans* people and when people call her out she calls THEM abusive. Then because lots of  her privileged, white feminist friends have been attacked on twitter she starts #twittersilence. Firstly she never spoke up when other feminists (who happened not to be white or her friends) were being attacked, secondly I don't think silence is the answer. That's what they want, they call them trolls but I refuse to. They're not trolls they're usually men. Not all men, but some men, horrible awful terrible men, not trolls. Trolls are cute with their fluffy blue and pink hair. I used to wear one as a necklace so I get really upset when people are mean about trolls.

I'm white so I have tons and tons of privilege, however I am Jewish (although I don't believe in god) so I've had some nasty things said about me. The most commonly used one at school was "Jude hora" which translates as "Jewish whore". Was I silent when I was called that? Was I fuck! Am I going to be silent now, or ever? AM I FUCK!!!!!!

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