Tuesday, 9 July 2013

On being inquisitive and politically minded.

It never crossed my mind not to be political. Never once, it just sort of seemed natural. To me at least. It never even struck me that others wouldn't be the same, nor that I would get teased for it. Oh boy did I get teased for it, I still do, often. I'm proud to be a feminist, to be political, to be inquisitive of the world around me. I see no reason to tease me or anyone else for this. Isn't it counter-productive? Now I'm not so big headed as to say I could change things. I hope to, is that na├»ve? I don't think I'm anything special but I do believe that if I fight, if I learn, if I strive to be something more than I am maybe I can change just one persons views. I want to help open peoples eyes, I want to have my own eyes opened.

I went to a school in Sweden full of predominantly right wing students, this taught me how to argue my corner from a young age. It also taught me to listen to others, find the fault in their argument. I learnt how difficult it was to constantly stand up for myself but I also learnt how wonderful it made me feel.

One of the reasons I spend so much time online being political is because I have a completely dead end job. Because if I have to spend that much more of my time rotting away at my desk without saying or doing anything I will feel worthless. I will have wasted every opportunity that my privilege has given me.

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  1. There'a a fantastic job out there somewhere for such a bright person


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